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Most Amazing National Parks of Australia

most amazing national parks of australia
Hi fellow explorers! While I’m kayaking the canals of Annecy and tasting wine in Burgundy, Nicole is stopping by today to share her top picks for national parks in Australia! Be warned, you’re going to want to buy your plane ticket to the the land of vegemite and ‘roos as soon as you see these stunning waterfalls and rainforest escapes she has to share. Bon voyage!

Home to over 500 National Parks and nature reserves, Australia is every Earth-lover’s dream-come-true, and its authentic wildlife and bushland charms every visitor that stops by, even if for just a day or two. Soul-searching and love at first sight – this is what spending time in the Australia’s outback will be like no matter which park ends up on your bucket list.

Karijini National Park in Australia
Karijini National Park

The Wonderland of Karijini
The second largest in Western Australia, the magical Karijini is an untamed queen of rugged gorges, steep rock formations of vivid red and orange shades and waterfalls that are bound to mesmerize you. If you travel during the colder season, autumn will greet you with lavish, colorful flower species for which the region of Pilbara is well-known. Be prepared to encounter numerous lizards, pythons and insects roaming the area.
If you’re in good shape and crave some adventure – head to the park’s dramatic gorges, from the Dales Gorge and the strenuous trail to its hidden oasis of the Circular Pool, or venture into Hancock gorge, which will feel like a trip to the very heart of the Earth. While the majestic area is more than enough inspiration for self-guided yoga practice and meditation, you’re welcome to explore upcoming yoga retreats that will amplify your stay even further.

Jervis Bay Australia
Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay’s Beach-Land Heaven
The inviting white sands of this stunning coastal region combined with enchanting rock formations and versatile plant life make up the appeal of Jervis Bay. Its unspoiled trails and walks have almost a dreamy quality to them, so as you immerse yourself in the turquoise hues of the ocean, absorb the fragrances of untouched wilderness and roam around in silence, you’ll realize – this is the stuff of fairytales!
This, and many other nooks of natural Australia, is beyond our wildest imagination. Stroll down Hyams beach, kayak in the Currambene Creek, and visit the sturdy, but stunning Scottish rocks, a formation Salvador Dali would tip his hat to in awe. Don’t be surprised if your morning Sun Salutations end up interrupted by the friendly kangaroos and chirpy parrots, simply let them join in, the more, the merrier!

The Royal National Park in Australia
The Royal National Park

The Nasho
Just an hour outside of Sydney, it’s hard to believe that such a captivating natural wonder lies within such a short distance, still pristine and proud as ever. Few people know that the Royal National Park is the second oldest in the world next to Yellowstone, and the oldest one in Australia, nicknamed the Nasho out of affection by the locals.
If you’re staying in Sydney (lucky!), it’s best to book a ride with LimosRus and visit the nearby nature reserves alongside someone who knows the roads and the best routes. Soak in the beauty of Era Beach from the spectacular Thelma Head viewpoint, observe the stout limestone cliffs and there’s even a New Year Yoga Retreat, a perfect opportunity for those who’ve never entered the New Year during summer.

Cape Le Grand National Park
Cape Le Grand National Park

Stargazing at Cape Le Grand
Famous for the kangaroos that bask in the sunny beaches, rock-climbing adventures and vast views of versatile landscape, Cape Le Grand is the outback experience of a lifetime. Lucky Bay is where you’ll find the cheeky roos taking up the white sandy beach where you’re welcome to join them camping, while Hellfire Bay offers a perfect spot for a picnic or a swim in the soothing ocean waters.
Climb Mount Le Grand or head for the steep climb to Frenchman’s Peak if you’re up for a fitness challenge. Staying overnight? Prepare to be dazzled by the night sky above the park as the stars will likely keep you awake from sheer amazement until you greet the morning sunrise.

Daintree Rainforest
Daintree Rainforest

Daintree’s Ancient Spirit
Home to an ancient rainforest over one hundred million years old, Daintree is the oldest rainforest on Earth, predating dinosaurs and the Amazon. The granite-bound Mossman Gorge lives in harmony with the bustling waters of the Mossman River, while the entire rainforest-clad area is a home to a plethora of versatile wildlife, from tree kangaroos, rainforest dragons, to half of all Australian bird species.
Yogis come from all over the world to join a daily practice by Prema Shanti, situated in this mesmerizing natural reserve, and open to all who crave a unique yoga experience in the wilderness. Immersed in the lush greenery and sounds of surrounding wildlife, you’ll rest your eyes and your soul from the hectic tempo of modern life and replenish your energy for your next adventure!

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