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Top Ten Adventure Blogs You Need To Follow

top ten adventure blogs to follow

Before I began my own blog, I spent hours upon hours scrolling through other’s collections of travel tips, stunning photographs and worldly journals. Unlike a guide book or internet research, a blog has the unique ability to allow you to see the world from an insider. Nothing sparks one’s wanderlust quite like being sucked into another’s exciting, scary and inspiring adventure. Personally, my favorite blogs are the ones where it’s difficult to tell where the story telling ends, and trip advice begins. The strangers you might meet, the secret cafes you stumble upon or the last minute expedition up a mountain are all part of the behind-the-scenes look you can get out of a blog. Although there are millions of travel blogs in the world, and that might even be on the low end, these are the bloggers I’ve been following for years (years!). Not only have they sparked me to drop everything and see the world, but find the courage to create a blog in order to inspire others the way they’ve inspired me.

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Christina at Happy to Wander
Rather than following mainstream travel guidance, Christina has a knack for uncovering earthly gems that don’t make it on to everyone’s radar. Originally form Canada, Happy to Wander offers travel guides along with tips on how to create your own travel blog!

Lauren at Never-Ending Footsteps
Ready to sell everything you own to travel without attachments? Lauren is living proof on how traveling can truly change your life, and how you define yourself.

Christine from C’est Christine
Full-time jobs can often hinder a wanderluster’s soul, but Christine proves otherwise. If you feel like your current life is holding you back, simply reading through Christine’s story of quitting her high tech PR life to see the world is all you need to finally make some serious moves.

Liz at Young Adventuress
Any other introverts out there? Liz proves that your don’t need to be the loudest person in the room to truly have enchanting travel experiences. The Young Adventuress reads like a captivating novel and is sure to draw you in immediately.

Kristin at Camels and Chocolate
This gorgeous and colorful blog is more than just its super awesome name. Kristin shares top notch tips for traveling with your significant other, and well, life in general.

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Kiersten at The Blonde Abroad
The blog that started it all for me! With over 50 countries under her belt, Kiersten is sure to have suggestions for anywhere you could want to go. Her restaurant, accommodation and activity recommendations make planning a trip a breeze.

Yaya and Lloyd at Hand Luggage Only
If you’re looking for travel tips with a side of humor, this site is for you! Their unique posts offer intriguing perspectives on popular cities, such as their search for waffles in Brussels. You know your always in for a chuckle on Hang Luggage Only.

Geraldine at The Everywhereist
This beautiful and authentic blog is sure to pull you in with one click. An acclaimed author and world-renowned public speaker, Geraldine’s posts are eloquently written and dished with a side of spunk!

Kate at Adventurous Kate
A girl after my own heart, Kate is the perfect model for those looking to travel solo but don’t know where to begin. Not only is her personal experience inspiring, she’s able to spark this inspiration in others.

Taran at Nomad’er How Far
I’ve been following this blog since the very beginning! Taran is shares his real talk and insights on being a traveling minimalist. Not to mention, his pictures are out of this world!

What are your favorite adventure blogs to follow?


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