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Top Eight Accessories for Flying

Extra thanks to Chester for letting us try out their lightweight and functional suitcases to include on our travel must-haves! As always, Namastay Traveling supports businesses we personally use and love.

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After a few lengthy flights to Hawaii for our honeymoon, I began reevaluated my ‘must-haves’ when boarding an airplane. Although living on the east coast gives us easy access across the Atlantic, it isn’t quite the same convenience when we packed out bags up to escape to a tropical paradise in the opposite direction. With some major life developments approaching at lightning speed, there was also a lot more to think about when it came to packing. While my last two months of pregnancy (what?!) have been low key, it only means we’ve had more time to plan our next getaway option. We’re certainly looking to take advantage of maternity leave combined with a summer break and take our newest adventurer on his first international trip! It certainly sounds wonderful in theory, I am not naive enough to think that running through airports to make a connecting flight or hiking ten miles through the rain forest is going to be easy, nor feasible, with a little one. With that in mind, we’ve narrowed down our top locations and are planning to make the trek to Costa Rica once Baby M has received his vaccinations. This has given this over-planner plenty of time to acquire the travel basics needed to made our journey as seamless as possible.

Travel Document Organizer
Now that my paperwork has doubled, I new I would want a specific organizer to keep everyone passports accessible and safe. This not only keeps documents within reach, but it also offers some piece of mind when going through my mental checklist of everything that’s needed (aka, inevitable forgotten items that can’t be purchased at the airport). Even better, the next item on the list guarantees our important items stay safe in transit!

CHESTER Carry-On Luggage
When Chester reached out to me to try one of their light weight suitcases, I was so excited to update the current luggage I as using. Not only was it heavy, but it was difficult to access all the compartments on the go. The Chester suitcase is so light, like, I had no problem carrying this one-handed at 34 weeks pregnant to get down from a high shelf (hello, airplane carry-on storing). Thus, I won’t have to use precious weight limits on the suitcase itself, since I’ll be carrying items for two. The hard shell keeps everything in place and I love that it includes a lock so I’m not fumbling to find my key when there’s a clothing emergency, etc. Plus, the ocean blue color doesn’t get lost in a sea of black suitcases when checking bags.

Ergobaby Carrier
Since we chose a destination that allows us to rent car seats, strollers and bassinets, a baby carrier was the one item I knew I’d need for airport travel. The Ergo 360 lives up to the hype and is one of my favorites. I also have acquired the Moby and various wraps that I plan to bring as back up, but know that this one will be my go-to.

Travel Pillow
Although I’m not entirely sure sleep will be in my future, a neck pillow is a must for both a quick catnap when the husband and I rotate off, and also so helpful for nursing mid-flight. I love that this one is easy to store and functional enough to be worth it.

Infinity Nursing Scarf
A scarf is always on my travel list since there doesn’t seem to be a standard temperature for planes yet (why haven’t we figured this out yet?). I’ve updated to a nursing scarf that lends itself to all uses and is thin enough that it doesn’t take up precious luggage space.

Noise Canceling Headphones
Although these are on the pricier side, the headphones are worth the investment. They’re the only pair that have truly made me for get I was on a plane. I highly suggest using them to listen to you favorite podcast, or even to turn on white noise when trying to fall asleep on long flights. The Alexa capabilities are nice, but not necessary to enjoy there!

TOMS Mule Honey Leather
I just ordered these for myself a couple weeks ago and could not be happier having shoes that are so easy to slip on and off! This makes the security line so much easier when my hands are full. Plus, they take up little room if I need to pack the in my suitcase.

Protein Bars
Last but certainly not least, I always like to have some hardy snacks available mid-flight in case the meals are a little less than appetizing. I try to avoid nut-based snacks to respect others, so these bars are usually somewhere in my bag, along with dried fruit and jerky (vegetarian for me).

Although our travels might look a little different these days, some updates to our airport necessities is definitely going to help us transition into this new traveling routine! While gone are the days of a last-minute carry-on and a backpack if I’m lucky, we’re excited to create new adventures and memories with out little one, even if our bags are a bit overstuffed and sleeping is less than guaranteed.

What are your tips for traveling with a little one?


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