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Baby M is a…

Dan and I knew we wanted to find out the gender of our little one as soon as possible. We opted to forgo any additional testing which meant that we’d have to wait until our 20 week ultrasound to know for sure. Although, from about ten weeks on, I was pretty positive it was a boy. Or, more like, absolutely positive that our home would soon be 3-1 in the male:female ratio. I tried to keep a balanced outlook, but I just couldn’t wrap my head about having a little girl. Though through my extensive experience with kids, the gender is far (FAR) less important in terms of human qualities when compared to personality and character. So, I think I mostly wanted to know whether or not I should splurge on floral headbands or baby bow ties…because one of the above was certainly happening. Regardless, I hope Baby M has the yoga skills of his mom and the intellect and handsome looks of his dad. It’s been fun for us to smoosh our skill sets together and wonder what his interests will be.

gender reveal cupcakes

Okay, back to our reveal! Dan and I found out at our appointment, it would have been impossible to have it kept a secret while viewing the screen. Having seen enough sonogram images the past few months, I knew immediately that I was about to be a token #boymom. The real challenge was trying to avoid identifying his gender for two weeks until we could tell some family and friends in person. While we weren’t looking to have a gender reveal party (cause, like, does it really matter?), I absolutely wanted to celebrate the first babe on my side of the family with some sweets! Filled with sprinkles or not, it was a wonderful excuse to have our closest loved ones together. Luckily, a dear friend who also happens to be an incredible baker was up to the challenge to create a classic and fun ‘reveal’ with cupcakes and a gorgeous ombre cake. We invited over some family and friends for dinner and dessert, and surprised them with blue or pink filled cupcakes (although our moms were certainly eager to learn a little more about the newest grandchild). We had everyone bite in at once and then enjoyed enough confections to ensure baby boy has a sweet tooth like his mom.

gender reveal cake

It was also a beautiful time for Cedric to adjust to the chaos that is certainly in his future. He was such a good pup with all the guests, and had a blast playing with my close friend’s almost two year old.
gender reveal
(Cedric was too excited for his party to sit still for a picture. But he sure did look mighty handsome in his new bandanna!)

He even wore himself out so much that he took a nap in the middle of the party, woke up startled to see everyone still gathered around him and had his tail wagging for hours on end. I’m so happy to be welcoming our little boy home to a house already so filled with love…and fur…and mud. Which has certainly been a learning curve for me.

gender reveal party

Don’t you love sweet Henry’s side glances at that cupcake? He just makes me heart so full! (As does his mom).

I love the reactions of this picture! Especially the numerous fist pumps.

gender reveal party

So far, the pregnancy has been smooth sailing and I’ve been feeling rather awesome, which I know is not always the case. We’ve recently made some heavy decisions to leave our OBGYN practice in favor of a midwife and I plan to share more later on. We found a doula perfect for us and I’m eager to begin the latter half of this journey. Baby M is currently hitting all his markers, as is mom, and I’m doing everything I currently can to aim for an un-medicated birth. After reading numerous books and listening to an infinite number of podcasts, I am finally feeling as though I’m in a place where I have enough knowledge to embrace the best choice for us, which, surprisingly, doesn’t completely align with the opinion of my previous doctors. Regardless, I’m feeling so much better with a team that supports our goals.

Head’s up, the baby and puppy mayhem will calm down for a while as I finally get some posts up about our recent trip to Hawaii! Stay tuned.

How do you feel about gender reveal parties? Easy to hate ’em or love ’em! But you only have an excuse to do them once in a while 🙂


P.S. If you’re in the DMV area (or even if you aren’t!), we cannot recommend Moonbeam Bakery more. I didn’t give Amanda much input (I just didn’t want anything too bright or weird gender-phrases) and she went above and beyond what we anticipated. Not only was the display gorgeous, but the homemade funfetti and buttercream were out of this world. Plus, she avoids food coloring and processed ingredients to make sure our cake was both delectable, and made with *real* food. Even better, she used the same cake topper we had at our wedding. May the adventures never end.

I plan to have another kid just to get more of this cake. #sorrynotsorry

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