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Amazing Australian Adventures Are Just Five Steps Away

Australia is a huge and incredible country that attracts over 7 million visitors every year. While the vast majority return with a smile on their faces, far fewer actually manage to embrace everything it has to offer. If you want to avoid this outcome, the following tips are just for you.

Ultimately, enjoying the best trip to Australia revolves heavily around visiting the right type of places. Here are five you must include on your agenda.

The Big Cities

 Australia is home to several very popular cities. The list includes Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. You might not get a chance to visit them all, but it is worth noting that the internal flights between them are very affordable. So, you have no excuse to avoid seeing those famous landmarks like the Sydney Opera House or Melbourne Cricket Ground. Even if it’s a night’s stay after arriving at the airport, a little time in the city is vital. The nightlife in those places will provide unforgettable moments too.


Cape Le Grand National Park
Cape Le Grand National Park

National Parks

 Australia is home to some iconic animals such as wallabies, kangaroos, and koalas. In truth, the number of birds, marsupials, and mammals is simply incredible. Likewise, the land down under is blessed with stunning natural sceneries. The National Parks offer a fantastic opportunity to take in those breathtaking experiences. With hundreds to choose from, finding one that doesn’t take you too far away from your planned route shouldn’t prove too difficult. Do not miss out on this glorious opportunity.



 Aside from the mainland, Australia is blessed with some wonderful islands. A short stay through an organised trip can add an extra ingredient of luxury and relaxed enjoyment. Fraser Island tours are especially fun. The largest sand island is home to idyllic rainforests, white beaches, and shipwrecks. Even Prince Harry has visited, so it has to be pretty good. An hour or two in the Champagne Pools will leave you feeling better than ever. For such a short detour, it can drastically improve the adventure.

Daintree Rainforest
Daintree Rainforest

Underwater Scenes

 Scuba diving is one of the most incredible activities that you can enjoy in any destination. However, Australia’s underwater adventures are among the best in the world. The coral and sea plants are astonishing while the sheer array of different fish on display is mindblowing. Operators like Dive The Reef can organise the perfect day. Or if you’re worried about going too far under the surface, snorkelling is a great option. Either way, a little trip under the water will enhance your holiday.


 The choice of accommodation is a vital aspect for any vacation. While there’s nothing wrong with time in a hotel or a private villa, you shouldn’t ignore hostels. This is the best place to meet new people while the owners are often very happy to teach you about hidden gems in the local area. Many of these places offer private rooms for those that want them too. Mix it up throughout the different stages of your holiday, and you’ll be guaranteed a varied and fulfilling adventure.

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