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Konnichi Wa! Welcome To Japan!

Living on the east coast has made international travel easy when it comes to Europe. However, us east-coasters have quite a difficult time crossing the big blue and making it over to the Pacific. Luckily, I have an inside peek on just why the trek to Asia is oh so with it!

Mount Fuji
Tianshu Liu

Japan has such a different culture and way of life compared to anywhere else in the world, so it’s no wonder that so many people visit this amazing country each year. Millions of tourists travel from all over the world to see everything that this exciting country has to offer. Have you got a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun anytime soon? If so, then you will almost certainly want to have all of the following on your Japanese bucket list.

Climb Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is Japan’s most famous peak and many tourists head to this mountain to hike all the way to the summit. The best time to climb is from the end of July to late August, but the climbing season is open from the beginning of July through to the middle of September. The mountain is a World UNESCO site and your long climb will be rewarded with some truly spectacular views once you get to the peak.

Visit Shibuya

You will no doubt want to spend a few nights in Tokyo, the capital city. While you are in Tokyo, make sure you head to the Shibuya district. It’s one of the city’s more hip neighborhoods and also where you will find the internationally famous Shibuya crossing. It’s also one of the best places in Tokyo for nightlife, so head to some of its bars to sample some traditional Japanese beers or Sake, the national drink.

Stay In A Ryokan

If you book one of the tours offered by Wheel & Anchor, you will get the chance to stay in a traditional Japanese Ryokan. This is a very traditional inn or guesthouse. While at a ryokan, you will dine on the very low wooden tables and will be required to sit on cushions on the floor. There are no Western beds here – instead, you will spend the night on a futon, which is very low to the ground. One of the most popular activities for tourists at the ryokans is to take part in a Japanese tea ceremony.

Go To An Arcade

No matter which city you visit when you are in Japan, you will find plenty of arcades. In these arcades, you will be able to play a whole range of video games from over the past few years. Lots of Japanese love to hang out in the arcades, so it’s also a great way to brush shoulders with the locals!

Eat Some Ramen

Feeling hungry? Then you need to head straight to a restaurant that serves delicious ramen! This tasty noodle soup is one of the most popular dishes in Japan, and when you taste it you will soon realize why that is! If you ever get bored of ramen, then you might want to try sushi, another really famous Japanese dish.

There is so much to see and do in Japan, this list is by no means complete. But it should hopefully give you some great ideas to get started with for when you start planning.

Have you been to Japan? Where do you want to go, but distance has stopped you?


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