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Delightful Destinations in Ontario for Nature Lovers

I was lucky enough to grow up in one of the charming towns in sought after Upstate New York…or something like that. While we might mostly be known for our snow, the north country has so much to offer. One of the highlights was being exceptionally close to Canada, the United States’ much cooler and down-to-earth brother. I’m so excited to share some of the best things about of my favorite places in Canada has to offer for those who seek solace in the tree and mountains across the border.

Pendleton Lake Davis West Virginia

Canada is heaven for nature lovers, and Ontario offers up a lot of different places to explore. If you love getting outdoors all year, being active and maybe looking out for the local flora and fauna, you’ll find no end of opportunities in Ontario. With stunning parks and all kinds of natural features to explore, from lakes and mountains to waterfalls and forests, everyone who loves nature can find something exciting in Ontario. If you’re thinking of taking a Canadian adventure, take a look at these ideas. These Ontario areas are perfect for enjoying all the nature that the province has to offer.

Lynde Shores Conservation Area

Conservation areas are some of the best places to go for anyone who wants to see plenty of plants and animals, including often some rare ones. Lynde Shores Conservation Area is fantastic for birds, including those migrating along the north of Lake Ontario. The area is a great place for families, with a number of looped trails that range from one to five kilometers, as well as a 200-meter boardwalk. These easy walks combined with the three viewing mounds for getting a better look at the waterfowl make it a family-friendly place to visit, and fun for kids as well as adults.

Algonquin Provincial Park

Exploring Ontario by canoe is an excellent way to explore, and Algonquin Provincial Park is a great place for a canoe trip. In fact, the only way to get around in the park is either to go by canoe or on foot. If you choose to stay on dry land, there are 14 trails to hike. During your travels, you’ve got eight campgrounds to choose from, as well as a Visitor Centre, Logging Museum and Art Centre. Want to learn about the local wolves? Every Thursday in August, the park staff offer a program on wolf ecology, including how to howl like a wolf.

Point Pelee National Park

If you’re in the vicinity of Leamington, don’t miss the chance to take a trip to Point Pelee National Park. The trails and beaches are fun to explore, and there are almost 400 species of bird and 70 species of tree. Stay somewhere convenient like the Quality Inn Leamington that gives you easy access to the park. The tip of the park is the southernmost point of the Canadian mainland and a round trip down there is just an hour. Visit the Carolinian forest while you’re at the park to canoe, hike cycle or see if you can spot some interesting birds.

Thousand Islands National Park

Like the name suggests, Thousand Islands National Park is full of islands for you to explore. You can island hop around this park by kayak or canoe or plan a boating trip, staying on your boat along the way. Nature lovers can discover many different species of animals and plants, including some that are at risk and difficult to see elsewhere.

Ontario is a top location if you’re looking for your next nature vacation. Choose anywhere that appeals to you and your love for nature.




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