By Juliette

We’re Married!

It has been a whirlwind of a summer and this past weekend has been the first time I’ve been able to breath freely and deeply in quite some time. It turns out that perhaps marking off most major life changes in the span of a few months might have been overdoing it. Coming from someone who *loves* overdoing things. Regardless, we magically pulled off flipping a home and getting married at our destination wedding this past week. Our house is nearly finished and we were able to move in this past July. Despite a microwave on the fritz, we’ve had a smooth transition to becoming Arlingtonians (I don’t think that’s what people in Arlington are called, but it seems to fit nicely). It helps that our closest friends are just down the road and we’re only four miles outside of my beloved D.C. It is so incredible to me to think of how different my life has ended up than I had anticipated. I never imagined myself as a city slicker, but, here we are, roots planted and all (we are never moving again because, UGH, moving).

Amongst all the knocking down walls, choosing stain colors and sanding drywall, we had our dream wedding weekend in the Poconos Mountains. The seventy-degree weather and partly cloudy days were beyond perfect. We spent three days with the people we loved most with an outdoor barbecue, lakeside ceremony, farmhouse reception, midnight bonfire and home cooked brunch (48 hours of open bar didn’t hurt, either). I honestly don’t even remember making so many of these decisions, but it fit together seamlessly. We are so indebted to the help seen and unseen from our family and friends for the house, the wedding, and simply avoiding all emotional breakdowns along the way. There is so much more I want to record for my own personal memory bank, but for now, we’re relishing in these moments without timelines, due dates and paint samples.

It was all so worth it. But now I need a nap.

forest wedding Poconos mountains


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