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Summer 2018 Updates

Hi Sweet Internet Friends!

It has been a hot minute, hasn’t it? After keeping up my goal of creating new content every week for a year, life started to get a little busy. Well, not just a little busy, but perhaps a major-life-event-at-every-turn kind of busy. I wanted to pop in to let you know that, no, I’m not ghosting you but I have opted to take a step back and turn my energy towards life outside my computer screen. Our wedding is fast approaching (33 days, but who’s counting?) and we’re in the midst of seating charts and timelines and calligraphy chalkboards. We’ve mostly remained calm and reasonable throughout out the process, but I’m not immune to the impending stress that’s just always hanging around in the back of my mind. Will it rain? Will my dress fit? Will anyone show up? But, nevertheless, these silly questions do absolutely nothing for my peace of mind so I’ve been pushing way down to a space that I can’t easily access. It’s working, for the most part.

big sur California

On top of holy matrimony, we bought a house this past April! How have the new digs been? Welp, we wouldn’t know because we’ve been in our townhouse for the past three months as we renovate our prized property from the ground up. We were expertly prepared by friends and family on the challenges of working with contractors and, by golly, they were right. Delays and miscommunication and unforeseen circumstances are always a part of the process, or so we’re learning. However, we are happy to know that our house sits solid and the journey in general has moved in a positive direction. But, my goodness, a journey it has been. A fixer upper is not for the weak of heart! Luckily, Dan is a project manager by trade and is able to expertly handle all the little things that pop up at all hours. We are currently refinishing the floors and replacing all the windows and doors after having an entire kitchen, multiple bathrooms, closets, basement, flooring, etc. torn apart and pieced back together. We are officially moving in this Wednesday and could not be more excited!

In addition to some major personal moves, I’ve also started seriously expanding my opportunities as a professional. As a teacher, I’ve always used my summers off as a time to try my hand at various skills and reestablish my role as an asset outside of an elementary school. I recently took a position as a writer for Google and while I can’t share too much at this time, I’m absolutely dedicated and invested in this project’s mission. It has been quite some time since I’ve found myself working at all hours because I’m so committed to a common goal. While I’m not sure where this road will lead, I feel filled with purpose and drive which I’m afraid I had been lacking for the past couple years. More to come soon.

morro rock sunset

Despite the mayhem that currently makes up my life, I simply used this as an excuse to take a breather this past July. After our road trip to Iceland a few years ago, my best girl and I were ready to hit the road again…this time traveling north on the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles up to Big Sur and cutting over for a couple days in Sequoia National Park. We had an incredible experience filled with wrong turns, vegan delights, wonderful strangers-turned-friends, obscure small towns and zero-wifi adventures. Your Cali guides will be comin’ at ya soon but for the time being I’ll be popping in to jot down my thoughts, more for my own wellbeing than anything else. I’ve always used writing as a therapeutic outlet and there’s certainly an emptiness I feel when I’m not utilizing it.

nepenthe big sur

If you made it this far, you’re a rockstar. For the time being, I’ll be seeking out quiet moments full of gratitude. I’ll be back soon with your regularly scheduled programming.

moro rock sequoia national park

Love love love,

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