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One Year of Blogging

Surprise! Dropping in on you all on a Tuesday! I had planned to take the past couple of weeks off as I slowly adjust back to this timezone but it occurred to me on the flight back from Portugal that my blogiversary was creeping up up on me! Turns out, my first post went live April 3rd, 2017! I started this blog on a whim. Like, I came up with the blog name and bought the domain within an hour. I had zero plan, but just knew that I needed this outlet more for myself than for others. When I first moved away from home, traveling quickly became a comfort for me. If I was brave enough to move hundreds of miles away from everyone I know and love, I was brave enough to finally get a passport at the age of 22. It was difficult to feel lonely or sad when I finally found the courage to uncover all the beauty the world had to offer. While I no longer feel like an outsider in D.C., traveling still provides me with the adventure and excitement I crave. It keeps me balanced, sane, and most importantly, kind. Meeting people whose lives look so different than mine has enriched my view of the world and pushed me to evolve into a better version of myself. Especially as I finished my yoga training, I had an urge to view the world through a new lens and share all I had learned about acceptance of others…and myself.

Amboise bridges

While this near year of blogging will document some major life changes about to occur, I’m so excited to continue to see more of the world with an open mind and full heart and hope you’ll follow along! Big things are on the horizon and I’m pumped to be able to share a new project coming up in a couple weeks! Until then, check out my most popular posts from the past year.

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2 thoughts on “One Year of Blogging”

  • Congrats on reaching a year of blogging! While traveling doesn’t fit my lifestyle at this time, I did read your post on Meditation for Beginners. I’ve recently started my own meditation practice and appreciate the tips on how to improve my practice .

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