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Life Lately, March 2018

Hi my wonderful internet friends!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve had the time to word vomit on life lately. Rather than another travel guide (more on that in the weeks to follow), this is a little bit of what my life has looked like the past few months. After a whirlwind winter, it feels so unbelievably refreshing to make it out on the other side of the dark months. Although we filled the beginning of 2018 with finalizing wedding plans, last minute trips to the west coast, and touristy D.C. visits with family, the shorter days have me yearning to be home and snuggled up with #alltheblankets. When we weren’t out braving the district’s cold, Dan and I were most likely found splitting sushi rolls and watching The West Wing (I’m starting to finally get into it, only a decade late, eh?) Although the down time does so much for my soul, I also know that my other self-care habits tend to fall to the wayside (see take-out and Netflix routine from above). However, daylight savings seems to switch something on for me. It suddenly feels like there’s more hours in the day to fill with activities and tasks that are not only productive, but rejuvenating. Apparently bears aren’t the only animals that go into hibernation.
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winter in D.C. national mall

The past few weeks I’ve reestablished my yoga routine and found more time to spend with friends on nights and weekends. I’ve picked up my reading game and have spent less time in front of screens and more time in front of paper. (I highly recommend Lilac Girls and We Were the Lucky Ones). Dan and I have also embarked on a new adventure, home ownership! We’re in the process of buying a house which is way more time consuming than I initially thought. Despite being an emotional roller coaster, it’s actually been a blast getting to walk through other people’s homes and fill my notebook with design ideas. I might not be the next Joanna Gaines, but I’d like to keep that door open. At this point we’ve probably been through half the houses in Arlington, VA and have quite a few more to go. However, I know we’re getting closer to finding the one and, until then, my Pinterest account will just have to keep up on all the subway tile decor and tiny bathroom setups. More importantly, a place to call our own means I will finally get to have a house made for my future canine companions. I might be more concerned with puppy-compatible yards than the house itself *shrugs*.

My first puppy-pairing, Fobi, a four year old pit bull mix and the biggest snuggle bug.

As for the upcoming week, we’re off to Portugal for my spring break off from school. I’m so excited for a vacation during the off season and I’m eager to spend more time drinking local wine and less time checking off must-see to-dos. The new scenery will certainly spark my creativity and I can’t wait to get together some posts on the nooks and crannies of this gorgeous country. If you have any suggestions on what to see in Lisbon and Lagos, let me know! We’re also getting out engagement photos done on the sea cliffs of the Algarve coast and it’s all I can do to not dance in anticipation.

So friends, I’d like to leave with you some of my favorite reads from the past couple weeks for your amusement!

The Kitchen Triangle – With a new house in our future, I’ve been obsessed with how to make a house feel as natural and open as possible. After 7 years of that tiny apartment and townhome life, I’m committed to making our forever home as functional as it is cute. Here’s my favorite tips on the best way to set up a kitchen.

Creating Inner Peace that Endures – I’ve been focused a lot on inner peace during my yoga classes the past month. This is one of my favorite articles I’ve shared and I’ve found myself going back at it over and over again.

25 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Traveling – I’ve always felt that traveling made me an overall healthier person. Here are some facts to finally back that notion up!

13 Really Good Reasons To Start Meditating Every Day – I know you know that meditation is a good thing, but do you know why, exactly? I love these insights on how these moments of pace can truly change you day…and life.

Hip Hop Vocabulary – As a word enthusiast (I’m a reading specialist in my other life), I’m all about finding literature in unexpected places. Check out which hip hop artists have the largest vocabularies. Prepare to spend the rest of the afternoon here.

Cheapest Places to Fly this Easter – As if you needed another reason to spend some time on buzzfeed. This incredible map depicts 13,000 hidden wonders of the world. Wanderlust tank is full.

Money Mistakes Rich People Don’t Make – Buying a house isn’t all paint colors and floor samples, it’s a whole lot of financial planning. Fun! Not really. But these money tips from millionaires is helping me get my situation figured out.

Engagement Photoshoot Dress – I’ve been searching for the perfect outfit for our photoshoot in Lagos, Portugal next week. I ordered this one and this one and plan to bring both! (I bought two because they’re BOTH under $20! Chic on the cheap.)

How Many Flower Go Into a Fragrance? – This article on the number of flowers that actually go into a bottle of perfume is fascinating on its own. But the pictures are absolutely magical.

Best Places to Travel in 2018 – Not sure where to go next? Check out Travel + Leisure’s top 50 places to go in 2018. As if my list wasn’t long enough…

Ready to Try Curling? – I can’t be the only one who’s interest in curling has spiked since the olympics. Find out more on how to take this sport off the screen and into the real world.

Universally Loved and Hated – Ready to feel less normal? Check out this list of universally loved and hated things.

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Talk soon!

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