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Finding Simplicity When Traveling: Whitening My Smile

whiten sensitive teeth

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As an avid minimalist both at home and when on the road, I work hard to ensure I get the most bang for my buck with the products I choose to use. Rather than pack a trunk load of lip glosses and eye shadows, I’d rather save that space for hiking equipment and, let’s be honest, snacks. A solid tinted moisturizer and brow pencil are all I need to be good to go. Because let’s be real, a sparkling smile and and open mind are really the only two necessities you need to travel with.

Whiten sensitive teeth

Although I find I’ve always gravitated towards the natural look, I didn’t anticipate that I’d be forced into this approach. A few summers ago, I began to notice my eyes would get itchy and red whenever I put something on my face. As it progressively got worse, I began to lay off most of my routine. Ultimately, my eyes now swell shut if I put anything near them and I’m no longer simply embracing the neutral look, I’m living by it. Since I can’t coat my lashes in mascara or add bronzer to accentuate my cheeks, I’m counting on my white smile to make up for all the other cosmetics I’ve now had to push to the side. Not only has brightening my smile made it easier to love my bare face, but it’s made my routine as streamlined as possible.

I was so excited when Smile Brilliant reached out to try their whitening system. After struggling with one-size-fits-all, I thought teeth whitening would be something I’d have to go to the dentist. Wrong! Smile Brilliant treats each customer as an individual so instead of oversized trays that are saliva-city, they create custom fit trays unique to your own smile, making sure the whitening gel is exactly where it needs to be.

Whiten sensitive teeth

The process is as simply as making your own molds, sending them in and receiving the product ready to use. The desensitizing gel makes it exceptionally easy to use, no pain and no tingling, just a much whiter smile. As I was preparing for my next extended trip abroad, I just slipped the trays in while I was packing for my excursion and whitened while I worked. Even better, I was able to use up the time waiting at the airport while whitening on the go.

Since I spend most of my time on the road posing for the perfect insta photo, it’s even more important that I feel camera ready in a way that fits who I am. Now, I don’t have to hide behind my make-up free face because I know my smile will translate the happiness and confidence I feel in front of the lens. Plus, these little whitening trays take up way less space than the trunk of cosmetics I used to lug with me. Although I try to keep my smile bright, it’s definitely easy to see the staining I have around the edges and the one-two-many-mornings I’m living off of coffee. I couldn’t be happier with the results! Plus the fact that I didn’t have to have an awful chemical taste in my mouth and no sensitivity? WIN.

whitening sensitive teeth

Are you ready to see how a brighter smile could simplify your life? The wonderful folks at Smile Brilliant are giving one lucky Namastay Traveling reader a personalized whitening kit for FREE! Just click here to enter the giveaway. Can’t wait? Order your brighter smile now for 10% off with the code namastaytraveling10 at checkout.

How do you grow your confidence? What makes your smile stay bright?


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This post is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant. Namastay Traveling only works with companies we personally love! All opinion are our own. Thank you for supporting us!

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