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How To Stay Motivated to Work Out (When You Have Zero Time)

how to work out when you have no time

As a school teacher in my other life, I relish in the months of June, July and August when I can get started in the morning at a leisurely pace and fit in my workout whenever the mood strikes. Come September, my peaceful little routine is rocked to its core with early mornings, evening meetings and everything in between. While I typically see my fitness start to slide this time of year, I’ve promised to regain my focus and find tools that work for me. Rather than scrambling around to fit it all in, I’m finding balance in having my cake, and eating it too (and my cake, I mean kale smoothie, obviously). Overpacking my schedule often means I end up accomplishing nothing, anyone else? These are the new “rules” I’m living my to not only keep my body fit, but my mind at peace.

Change Your Sleep Schedule
I used to think the only time I could work out was in the evenings. After all, I get to work around 7am and already feel rushed before the sun has even risen. To ease this mayhem, I make my lunches the night before and plan my outfits out ahead of time. I slowly started to adjust my bedtime to 9pm and have now found zero problem getting up at 5am to hit up the 6am gym class. While jogging out the door when it’s still dark isn’t my favorite, my working hours are much more peaceful since I know I don’t have to be anywhere after a hectic school day.

Give Yourself a Break
5am can be pretty ambitious, no lie. While I like to work out every day, I know that’s not truly necessary. Rather than indulging in that workout guilt whenever I skip a day, I plan ahead to make it to three early classes a week. If I do more, great! If not, I can still meet my goal and give myself two days off for when I might be feeling a little more ‘meh’ than normal.

Rubber Bands
As a yoga teacher who’s usually on the road, I know how important it is to keep up my healthy habits both at home and abroad. Since I’m not looking to trek around dumbbells, I opt for a couple of large stretch bands that can add resistance to any exercise! Plus, I can perform squats, dead lifts and pushups in a tiny hotel room.

Split Up The Time
Finding a spare hour or two each day to get a workout in can be a challenge all on its own, let alone the sweat sesh itself. Make it a goal to stay active throughout the day, whether it’s a walk during lunch, a few squats while on the phone, or actually playing with your kids on the playground. Give yourself permission to loosen the term ‘workout’ and know that there are no rules when it comes to fitness, only that you move in a way that fits your life, every single day.

Take Advantage of Athleisure
The trend of athletic clothing worn for everyday life has been the greatest step in fashion since boyfriend jeans became a thing #realtalk. Nothing is a better motivator to fit that run in than a cute pair of leggings or cut out top. When you have clothes you feel good in, you’re more likely to push yourself harder. Even if you simply put on your athleisure to run out to get groceries, you just might be inspired to walk the long way home.

How do you fit in your workouts when you’re on the go? If you’re looking for tips on how to pair your workout habits with healthy eating, check out these tips to stay fresh when time is short!

work out with no time

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