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August Reads

best things on the best things to read on the internet this summer this august

Hi dearest friends! I am off on a plane, train or automobile coasting around the French countryside. While I gather some new material for all-things-France coming to your inbox soon, I pulled together some of my top ten favorite reads for the month of August. Wether you’re looking for a hilarious recap of meal-prep, contemplating the perks of therapy, or wondering how co-habitating can change your microbiome (seriously, learn more below), you’ve got the gems of the internet all in one place. What are you reading this week?

1. Anxiety
As a sufferer of anxiety, I’m always looking for new ways to chill out. This list had me as soon as they said to think about pancakes to calm your nerves. Don’t have to tell me twice. TBD whether these fluffy thoughts are doing much for my wellbeing…but it certainly doesn’t hurt to try.

2. Therapy
Whenever I have time to scroll through my blogroll, Erin’s Inside Job is always one of the first I stop at. She’s not only refreshingly genuine, but she’s willing to reveal her vulnerabilities for the sake of offering guidance to others. One of her recent posts broke down the ins and outs of therapy, and why you should consider it even if you’re not in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. I often remind myself of one of her quotes when life is just not going my way: “Struggles make us stronger, but sometimes you need another person’s help”. Whether or not therapy is right for you, Erin provides enough of a foundation for you to make a sound choice. Plus, you adorable updates on her new pup, Donut.

3. Animals
Animal videos are by far the singular reason the internet was created. How could we continue living without clips of cats riding Roombas and domesticated foxes climbing on couches? However, this site has brought a whole new meaning to animal videos. See for yourself.

4. Skincare
Okay, okay, so this isn’t so much an article as it is online find. But once in awhile, a product comes along that changes your life and I had to share. After suffering from some serious sun damage and lack of lack of veggies, my skin was crying for help. After reading numerous reviews, I found this cleansing brush that left my skin brighter and calmer than when I had committed to my harsh Clarisonic brush. If you’re looking to update your skincare regime, this is an easy addition that gives whatever gentle soap you love the benefits of gentle exfoliation. If you’re a beauty on a budget, this option works almost as well!

5. Astrology
Is your destiny written in the stars? Or maybe, just on your playlist? While I often find my horoscope amusing to read and can force it into application of my life, I don’t necessarily buy into the whole aligning of constellations. However, my boyfriend might disagree and say my stubborn Taurus ways are CLEAR AS DAYLIGHT. Regardless if astrology is your jam or not, this playlist with astrological ties will have you bumpin’.

6. Meal Prep
Have you succumbed to the meal-prepping cult? Do you carefully lay your tupperware out each Sunday night to divvy up your boiled chicken, carrot sticks and almonds into evenly portioned compartments? *Sheepishly raises hand*. You’re not alone. This guide to meal prep will have you cringing with your habits. I might have laughed a bit more if it hadn’t been so brutally true.

7. Celine Dion
Yes, she deserves her own category. Titanic fan or not, Celine has a way of bringing all the feels when her seven minutes It’s All Coming Back To Me Now song comes on the radio (or I have it on repeat on iTunes, either one). She was spectacular before Beyonce dominated that category, and continues to shine in all her sequence-y glory. If you’re need some fashion inspiration, check out Celine’s (first name basis #obv) wildest outfits from one week. I repeat, in seven days, she rocked more flared bottoms and oversized bows than I have in my entire life. Bow down.

8. Oceanic Benefits
Although I’m not much of a beach-goer, I’ve not immune to the calming benefits simply being near the ocean can have. What if you’re landlocked and hundreds of miles away from the sweet sea salt air? No worries, these healing ingredients can provide you with all the ocean-y goodness that comes from living near a sandy oasis. This unique smoothie addition will turn all it touches blue and those glossy pearls can do so much more than finalize your Audrey Hepburn costumes.

9. Norway
After spending a week traveling from Oslo to Bergen, Norway has solidified itself as one of the most gorgeous countries I’ve ever experienced. Never been? This collection of Norwegian landscapes will have you searching for Scandinavian flights in no time.

10. Co-habitating
After moving in with my boyfriend, I knew we’d be sharing a lot more than in our repsective apartments. Snack foods, mouthwash, bedsheets…and microbiomes? This article breaks down the part of living with your s.o. that you can’t see, and what that means for the world your live in.

What’s on your web this week?


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