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The Top Ten Things You Need When Flying

top things you need when flying

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Traveling is one of my favorite ways to spend my time. Well honestly, the actual traveling part? Not so much. As I’ve mentioned before, planes, trains and automobiles have been known to cause me some serious anxiety and overall discomfort. Tiny, crowded seats? A thermostat that can’t make up its mind? Strangers getting all up in your bubble? No thanks, I’ll pass. But the reality is, if I want to see the world, I’m going to have to actually get there first. Since my private jet seems to be running late (ha!), I’ve figured out the top tens things I must have with me to travel comfortably. As far as getting another arm rest for the huge dude who thinks he owns the place, sorry. You’re on your own there.

Neck Pillow
It can be a hassle to fit a huge pillow amongst all the other goodies you need to travel, but it’s so worth it (and a must for any flight over 6 hours). Not only will it prevent your neck from cramping up, but will allow you to actually get some quality shut eye, which is necessary for anyone crossing the pond and wanting to wake up semi-human. This one in the best for comfort, but this one is perfect for saving space and getting the job done on a budget.

Compression Socks
I used to wear these bad boys running until I heard that they were amazing for keeping you healthy during long plane rides. It’s even been proven that wearing compression socks reduces the risk of blood clots in the legs by more than 12 times! See ya later running, hello flying. These hot pink ones are amazing, and these are awesome for the ladies and the gentlemen.

Noise Canceling Headphones
Okay, so these are definitely an item on the “Save Up For” list but, wow, these Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones changed my life. I bought these as a gift for the s.o. and they are seriously magical. They don’t block out sound, they literally create opposing sound waves to cancel out any noise. You don’t even have to be listening to anything for them to tune out an annoying neighbor. If this is a little out of reach, these ones have a similar effect!

Eye Mask
This is the one item I had no idea how much I needed until I used it on my first 12 hour flight to Athens. After realizing how much more pleasant I am with a good night’s sleep, I’ve upgraded to this lightweight and contoured eyemask. Although this silk mask is too cute to pass up!

I strive to turn off most of my electronics when on board to allow myself to fully unwind and relax. However, I tend to have some of my best ideas when in the air. Whether I’m planning out my itinerary or simply jotting down blog post topics, I keep this travel journal close by.

The only electronic I can’t part with! I can run through multiple books on my travels, which can make packing difficult if half of my suitcase is full of novels. This kindle is easy to read in all locations (even the beach!) and can carry enough pages to get me through all vacations.

Nothing is worse than getting aboard a plane and being left at the mercy of the those prepared meals. With limited space and wanting to get the most nutrient-bang for my buck, I opt for a serious variety of snack bars. I love these vegan protein bars and these fruit and nut clusters.

Water Bottle
Although you can’t bring a full water bottle into security, I keep an empty one with me that I can fill up once I’m through. I received this S’well stainless steel water bottle as a gift and absolutely love that it keeps my beverage cold (or hot!) for hours on end. This collapsible travel water bottle is pretty fantastic for tight spaces.

I used to stuff my messenger bag with everything I needed, only to hurt my back lugging around 20 pounds on my shoulders. Long walks between airport gates and treks to and from train stations and bus stops were all I needed to switch over to a backpack-style travel bag. Not only does this one keep my computer safe with its anti-theft features, but it also can fit all the snacks and necessities I might need mid-flight.

Documentation Holder
All the cutesy fun travel accessories don’t mean much if you forget your passport or boarding passes! Never forget your documents again with this classy travel document holder that keeps your documents, credit cards, identification and paper slips all in one place.

What’s the number one thing you need for when you go on a flight?



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