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How To Fuel Yourself When You Have No Time

the best snacks to eat when you have no time

After I finished my yoga teacher training last summer, I was immediately amped up to insert myself into the zen world of instructing everything from heated power classes to restorative yin seminars. Trouble was, I already had a full time job. And on top of the blog, I was having difficulty keeping up my own healthy habits. How was I going to preach this holistic lifestyle when I could barely keep up with it myself? I knew that if I wanted to pursue all these outlets successfully, I would need to plan ahead, big time. Since how I perform is directly related to what I eat, it all starts in the kitchen. When I fuel myself with the right nutrients, I’m much more able to give 100% to whatever I’ve signed myself up for next. Whether I’m running from work to the studio or fitting in my own run, these are my favorite tips for sustaining energy throughout your busy days.

how to fuel yourself when you have no time

Plan Ahead
The easiest way for my to stick to a plan is to create one to begin with! I take some time every weekend to jot down meal ideas for the following week. Not only does it give me a road map, but gives me a set grocery list so I’m not buying extra goods.

Food Prep
It can be tough to find the time to cook all the rice and dice up all the veggies during the week. As a vegetarian, I need to go the extra mile to make sure I have protein sources available as well. Prepare large amounts of meal staples, like tofu and hard boiled eggs, to enjoy when you’re in a bind!


Choose the Right Snacks
Since I usually eat around four times a day (three meals and a snack around the salty-sweet witching hour, 3pm) I need to have something quick I can eat in between commitments. When GoMacro reached out to me to try their unique protein bars, I was eager to give them a go. Not only are they one of the only gluten free, organic, and vegan protein bars in the market, but they’re incredibly delicious! It’s so nice knowing that I don’t have to compromise my nutrients when eating a packaged food, especially as a vegetarian in a meat-lovin’ world. Whether I need a pick-me-up before spin class or recovery fuel after BodyPump, GoMarco is easy to stash away in my bag.

Although I change up weeknight dinners, I usually stick to the same things for breakfast and lunch for the sake of ease. Fruit and Greek yogurt plus hummus roll-ups are easy to make ahead of time and pack up every night before work.

Shop Once a Week
I used to stop at the grocery store almost everyday on my way home from the gym. Not only did is cause my to buy unnecessary things hiking up my bill, it also consumed so.much.time. Instead, I make one giant list on Sundays and whatever I get, I have to make it work for the week. It also prevents me from feeding into cravings of the moment since I’m no longer driving to the store to grab the Oreos I thought I needed. My only exception is if I need to restock up on fresh fruit and veggies. While apples can last for awhile, raspberries aren’t so lucky!

how to fuel yourself when you have no time

Go-To Fast Food
Despite all my meal planning and grocery shopping, it’s more often than I’d like to admit the hangriness comes out in me when I’m snack-less. When I can’t get home to enjoy sliced celery with natural peanut butter, I have a mental list of places I know I can turn to for a healthy meal in a bind. Rather than a fast food restaurant, stopping at a CVS or Trader Joes can offer many more nutrient-dense options.

What do you like to snack on when you don’t have much time?


Full disclosure, I was provided GoMacro bars for review. I only endorse products I personally use and I believe will be of interest to my readers. And, of course, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting Namastay Traveling!

13 thoughts on “How To Fuel Yourself When You Have No Time”

    • So true! As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail (ah I hate that cliche, but it’s the truth!)

  • Meal planning is such challenge for me. I just feel like I have so much to do! I am a pescatarian and I find eating healthy to be difficult sometimes when I am on the go.

    • I feel ya, it took me a long time to finally commit to meal planning! I’m not always great at it, but I do keep some go-to meals that I can throw together quickly if I didn’t prepare ahead. Salmon burgers, frozen veggies, big salads and hard boiled eggs are my favorites!

  • These are some great ideas. I find planning ahead definitely helps, as well as buying healthy. If I don’t buy junk food, then I don’t have it as an option!

    • Couldn’t agree more! It’s so much harder to go to the store than it is to the cabinet 🙂 Thanks for the tip, Stephanie!

  • If I don’t have a meal ready to go, I tend to grab not so healthy options when I am busy or don’t feel like cooking. An easy snack that I like is rice crackers with hummus, or an apple with peanut butter, coconut oil, and chia seeds. Because I create recipes for my blog, I usually have something healthy ready to eat, but it also means that I need to cook more often than if I weren’t a food blogger!

  • This post was about something totally different than I thought it would be! I read fuel in the title as inspire/drive : ) Great tips for making healthy choices! It’s definitely the snacks and sweets that get me into trouble. I’ll have to check out those bars.

    Meaghan xx

  • These tips are great. I am struggling keeping up with a lot of things on my plate. Meal prepping is definitely one of my favorites to help keep on top of things. This helped save me time and money.

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