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The Absolute Best Carry-On Luggage For Long Trips

the best options for carry on luggage for long trips

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I don’t do checked luggage. Big, bulky, plastic suitcases ruin my adventurer’s spirit when I have to lug it through cobbled alley-ways, overcrowded train stations and tiny airplane cabins. Whether I’m traveling for two days or twenty, I fit all I need into a carry-on bag. Magic? Maybe. But it’s worth the serious cash I save by forgoing the luggage fee. Simultaneously, it prevents me from overpacking and ultimately weighing myself down with physical object, literally. After all, that’s the exact opposite goal I’m trying to achieve! When I leave home, there’s no reasons for me to bring half of it with me. This means neutral clothing options to mix and match, moisturizer and not a whole lot else, plus two pairs of comfy shoes. Most importantly, a kickass carry-on. Finding the perfect suitcase is even more difficult than finding a partner. Is he tall enough? Enough compartments? Can he be roughed up? Will he handle getting dirty? Talking about the luggage, friends. Stay with me. As difficult as this match-making process is, I’ve stumbled on some serious options that fit the bill. And I’m certainly not one to shy away from asking the chick in front of my where her bag is from. As a friendly reminder, all airlines have varying size requirements for carryon luggage. While these options will fit *most* scenarios, always double check on your airline’s website before you pack up! Cute and functional is the name of the game. Which one is your favorite?

Whether you want to roll or carry, this aluminum framed suitcase comes with a handle so you can do both. Made with a highly impact-resistant plastic, this carryon will look continue to look fly (pun?) no matter how often you cross oceans.

It took me a long time to get on the duffle wagon, but now that I’m here, it’s hard to go back! This rolling duffel bag has numerous compartments to store everything you might need mid-flight and can be squished into tiny overhead bins or underneath hostel beds. Plus, the bright color means it’ll be easy to spot in a sea of black and brown bags.

I KNOW I shouldn’t choose a case because of its color, but this Delsey carry on with a neutral outside contrasted with the bright red interior is stunning. But getting to the important qualities, this choice promises silent wheeling plus a lock to prevent the front wheels from moving. Ever had your suitcase roll down the ramp while you were too busy focusing on your ice cream cone? No? Just me? Okay. But still, this feature is great and so hard to find.

If rolling is not your jam, this this canvas travel backpack gives you three different ways to carry everything you need. A separate compartment will keep you lap top safe while still being able to hold enough clothes for a long weekend.

Lost? This America Journey bag will help you find your way! But it’s important to pay attention to the inside more than the outisde (with people, and also suitcases). This option has some serious compartments from shoes to undergarments and everything in between.

This This pink chevron in the real deal. Despite it’s tough exterior, it’s surprisingly lightweight. Wheels that spin 360 degrees will make sure you can still run to your gate with ease. Not that you’d ever cut it close. Never.

A girl can dream, right? This rose gold suitcase is on my wish list for good reason. This carryon comes with its own TSA approved lock and is solid enough to handle some serious adventuring. Plus, am I really the only one who’s #rosegoldeverything?

This two piece affordable option guarantees you’ll arrive in style. In addition to gorgeous color options (my eye is on that rose), this durable case has rave reviews and even comes with a cover to protect it when not in use.

No one will doubt your city slicking ways with this carryon! If nothing else, this Times Square vintage series choice is sure to be a conversation started. But don’t confuse this option with a piece of art, it’s still built to last and can be expanded for when you come home with perhaps one too many souvenirs.

If it’s not rose gold, then marble is next up in line. This sleek carryon will fit everything you need in its expandable size while not weighing you down.

Okay, okay, so fitting a month’s worth of necessities in this guy might be a bit ambitious, but I couldn’t leave it off the list! This stylish canvas unisex backpack is deep enough to fit anything you need mid-flight and can be carried as a tote once you’re on land.

What type of luggage to do you use? Any crazy luggage mishaps?


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