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Meditation Equals Money? Maybe.

The web is a black hole, one wrong click and you’re suddenly taking a quiz on which kind of pizza topping you are (black olives, if you’re curious). To avoid those useless updates of what your coworkers ate for lunch, here’s another collection of items from around the web that will inform, enlighten or entertain you. If you’re going to surf the net, surf with purpose. Whether you’re a heavy meditater or just interested in the lucrative benefits it may have for you, read on to learn how you could seriously change your life with a little downtime.

Ever think about taking up meditating? This just might convince you once and for all that this hobby does more than give you peace of mind…it might influence your bank account as well. If you’re looking to start your own meditation practice, stayed tuned to learn about my favorite resources to get started.

Any money too much money to be spending on a trip? Here’s a great list of ideas to travel for free, or close to it.

Introverts unite. Just because you’d rather keep to yourself doesn’t mean you can’t experience the world. In fact, it might even make you a better traveler.

Do you identify as glass half empty or glass half full? Turns out, even then briefest of positive thoughts can fight against stress and depression. Maybe we should engage in a littler more morning chatter in line for our coffee instead of avoiding all eye contact. Maybe.

yoga for travel

If you’re looking for a yoga sequence to take on the road with you, head over to Realm of Vibes to check out my guest post of incorporating yoga when traveling! It can be tricky to stick to your routine, but this guide provides all the resources you need to keep zen, anywhere and everywhere. Namaste friends.


17 thoughts on “Meditation Equals Money? Maybe.”

  • I can’t thank you enough for guest posting. You better believe I will be both practicing and meditating this weekend on my trip. You are an incredible writer, and beautiful inside and out. Xo

  • I’ve tried meditating! I need to try again. My mind is literally constantly going though. 🙄 I did get hypnotized once in a psych class… it’s not the whole run around like a chicken thing. 😂 It was really relaxing and seemed a lot like meditating. It feels like a really nice nap! You come out of the hypnosis and feel so refreshed and energized. It’s crazy! I love your blog!

    • Totally understand! I’ll have a meditation guide up here in the next week or so! The more you feel your mind is constantly racing ,the more it’s important to bring peace to it!..and accept that you have thoughts because, duh, we’re human haha. Thank you for your kind words!

  • I´ve always wanted to try meditating, so thank you for sharing all this other articles! I think it´ll be not only helpful, but entertaining. Thank you!

  • This is a great post. You’re saving us time and leading the way to interesting sites. Even with my frugality, I’ll still be spending a lot of money on travel this year, so I definitely will be needing as much free as possible, else I end up sleeping under a bridge in 2018.

  • I never thought I would consider meditation, but I’ve been dabbling for the last few months and it has been HUGE in improving my outlook and mood. Who knew?! lol

  • Meditation is a big on my list of things to incorporate in my life. I’ve heard so many people rave about the benefits. With more time in the summer, I plan to incorporate it!

  • Great post! Thanks for the helpful tips and links. I’ll definitely be checking that travel list out. I’ve done yoga several times in the past and I always feel more relaxed and in tune with myself when I do. I’d love to get in the habit of doing it daily. I’ll be reading your guest post next, and more of your blog as well!

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